Corvallis Community Band Concert in the Park August 29, 2006

Caption  :  Potluck at 6: This was the band's 30th anniversary. Here is Beth Jordan's new baby.
Caption  :  Beth Jordan with her new baby.
Caption  :  Potluck
Caption  :  End of the summer potluck.
Caption  :  Steve Matthes preparing for rehearsal.
Caption  :  Rebecca Douglas
Caption  :  Debbie Hackelman setting up her music stand.
Caption  :  Susan Matthews holding Beth Jordan's new baby.
Caption  :  Steve Matthes.
Caption  :  Rehearsal begins at 7: Sue Borden playing "It Gets Smaller"
Caption  :  Sue Borden
Caption  :  Sue Borden
Caption  :  Sue Borden - Oops! Something's missing?
Caption  :  and smaller
Caption  :  and smaller
Caption  :  and smaller yet
Caption  :  Ida, whistled beautifully by Jack Schubert
Caption  :  Concert begins at 8.
Caption  :  Saxaphone quartet
Caption  :  Aha! The thief is back for more of that clarinet.
Caption  :  How am I going to play now?
Caption  :  Things happen fast...
Caption  :  The final note, perfectly.
Caption  :  Awards time
Caption  :  Steve presented Sue with a plaque in honor of her 30 years of dedicated service to the band.
Caption  :  Oh my!
Caption  :  Speech!
Caption  :  Dave Wallace with the baton.
Caption  :  and Steve cymbalically percushionistic
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