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Rehearsal News

The Corvallis Community Band will present the ninth concert in its Summer Concert Series on Tuesday, August 15, in Central Park.  The theme for the concert is”Jazz!” Steve will play with the band, and The Chintimini Brass will add more jazz selections to the concert. The Band will play “Fidgety Feet,” “A Tribute to Glenn Miller,” “That’s A-Plenty,”” Santana!”, and “At a Dixieland Jazz Funeral.”  
The concert is being sponsored by The Thursday Beanery Bunch .  This group has sponsored a concert each year for many years. We thank them for their continuing support. 
We had more than 60 in the band last week. This week promises to be pleasantly warm, cooling off as the sun goes down.  It’s pretty dark by 8:45, so if you have a stand light you’d like to use, feel free!  Rehearsal is at 7 PM in the Park.  Plan to be there a few minutes early to find your chair (if you’re early enough, you can help set up the chairs), get your music, and get your stand set up.  Be prepared for wind - it seems to be very common this summer!  We have a bag full of clothespins, and you’re welcome to use some of them.  The bag usually resides by Steve’s director’s stand.
A new shipment of CCB T-shirts and Sweatshirts will be available on Tuesday night.  The T-shirts are $10 and the Sweatshirts are $15.  We also have ceramic cups and stainless steel travel mugs for $5 each, and tote bags and CCB Blankets for $10 each. Tell your friends!
See you Tuesday night.