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Rehearsal News

The Corvallis Community Band will present the sixth concert in its Summer Concert Series TWICE this week:  on Monday, July 24, in Starker Arts Park, and Tuesday, July 25, in Central Park.  The theme for both concerts is “Rodgers & Hammerstein.”  The schedule is the same for both concerts;  Rehearsal in the park at 7, and the concert begins at 8 PM.
The concert will feature vocalists Gale Hazel and Paul Pritchard in selections from “Oklahoma!,” The Kind and I,” and" The Sound of Music.”  In addition, we’ll play “You’ll Never Walk Alone,”  from “Carousel.” and Richard Rodgers’ music from the TV Series “Victory at Sea.”  Of course there will be several other pieces that will be a surprise from one or another of our “Gig” books.
The Monday night concert at Starker Arts Park is sponsored by Starker Forests, whose continuing support of the band is greatly appreciated.  Tuesday night’s concert in Central Park is sponsored by the Corvallis-OSU Symphony, another continuing sponsor of the band.  Please thank their representatives when you see them.
Rehearsal for BOTH concerts is at 7 PM in the appropriate Park.  Plan to be there a few minutes early to find your chair (if you’re early enough, you can help set up the chairs), get your music, and get your stand set up.  Please try to play for both concerts if you can.  Because of last week’s power outage, Steve didn’t get to announce this to the band, so we hope you don’t forget and can make time go play on Monday, too.
Last week’s concert was, to say the least, somewhat of an adventure!  The wind never did let up, so we were chasing music all evening. Add to that the power outage all over the area at about 8:30, and you learn the meaning of “the show must go on!”  This week, those of you on the clarinet-trumpet side of the band might benefit from wearing sunglasses and/or hats with brims to ward off the setting sun in your eyes.  The trees in Central Park help to block out that light, but the trees in Starker Arts Park are not quite in the right places to do that.
Thanks to PJ Carter, we now have a sales table available at the Tuesday night concerts.  We have ceramic cups and stainless steel travel mugs for $5 each, tote bags, CCB Blankets, and some CCB t-shirts for $10 each, and some sweatshirts for $15.  These are rock-bottom prices - we don’t really make anything on these things - but we would like to at least get our investment back!  If you want any of these things, visit the sales table, and PJ help you.  She will NOT be at the Monday night concert - but plans to be there for the remaining Tuesday night concerts.
See youMonday - and then, Tuesday