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Rehearsal News

Second Summer Concert on Tuesday, June 27, “From the British Isles”
The Corvallis Community Band will present the second in the Summer Concert Series on Tuesday June 27, at 8 PM in Central park.  The Theme this week is “From the British Isles.”
We won’t have a soloist this week, so the band is prepared to carry the whole concert!  We’ll cover the British Isles with “Scottish Rhapsody,”  “Ireland” - a medley of Irish tunes you’ll recognize, "Londonderry Air,””Mannin Veen,”-- a wonderful tone poem from the Isle of Man, and "The English Folk Song Suite. “   Starker Forests is sponsoring this concert, and we thank them for their continuing support.
Again, the pieces you will have are English Folk Song Suite, Mannin Veen, Scottish Rhapsody, Ireland, and Londonderry Air.  There will be extras from at least one of the gig books.  Steve will tell you which one to get  from the tubs that will be near the Gazebo.
Rehearsal for the concert is at 7 PM in the Park. Plan to be there a few minutes early to find your chair (if you’re early enough, you can help set up the chairs) and get your stand set up.  Your section leader will give out the music for your section.  You might need a couple of clothespins to keep the music from blowing away. (We do have quite a supply of them). Dress for the weather—shorts are OK.  If you have a CCBand shirt , you could wear that.  AND remember to bring a music stand if you have one.  We have a few extras, but, frankly, they are not very sturdy!  Plan to stay a few minutes after the concert to help get the chairs back to the storage trailer and get the music back to your section leader.Thanks!