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A Summer Retreat Review by Julie Rodgers, October 21, 2012

175th Anniversary of the Adrian City Band - Paul deLespinasse - 8/21/2012

A Summer Retreat Review by Julie Rodgers, October 21, 2012

I attended the Midsummer Music Retreat at Whitman College in Walla
Walla,WA this summer, held July 30 - August 5, 2012.  I was more than
pleased and am writing to share my experience.  This Retreat, also
known as a music camp for grown-ups, has been held for 30 years
originating in the Seattle area.  It has become so well loved and
large enough, it was moved to Whitman College which has good
facilities to host this retreat.  The retreat offers a curriculum for
adult singers and instrumentalists.  Therefore, couples and families
often attend together as a summer vacation.  The week-long retreat
includes large orchestra, symphonic band, large chorus, jazz band,
chamber ensembles and electives in an hospitable, “Retreat”
atmosphere. This year there were 230 participants from all over the
world with the following professional staff: 7 conductors, 21
instrumental faculty and 8 vocal faculty.

There were lots of performances and performance opportunities.  There
is an opening concert performed by the Staff on Monday Evening.
Tuesday morning is the "Meet the Staff Concert" to introduce the
faculty.  Thereafter, each day began with sectionals.  Choir,
Orchestra and Band were divided by sections each led by faculty.
Afterwards Choir, Orchestra and Band rehearsed until lunch.  I played
in the Symphonic Orchestra directed by Michael Burch-Pesses who is
Director of Bands at Pacific University.  In the afternoon smaller
chamber ensembles, vocal ensembles and electives such as Jazz band
were attended.  All were led by faculty/staff.  I also played in a
Woodwind Quintet and a small String Orchestra, both of which were
firsts for me.

Each evening began with the Fermata Bar where while appetizers were
being enjoyed, campers played and sang to entertain us.  Wednesday
evening was the Composers’ Showcase featuring works composed by
campers and performed by the faculty.  Thursday evening was Cafe
Morendo, bring your wine/beer, put your feet up and listen or perform
or both until either performers or listeners have waned. Friday
evening is the final Faculty Concert.  Saturday morning is a Chamber
Recital.  Saturday afternoon is the big concert where the Choir,
Orchestra and Symphonic Band perform the pieces they have been working
on all week.   Saturday evening is a banquet followed by the Jazz Band
kicking off Skit Night.  If you notice the Faculty and Staff also play
a fair number of concerts and love this retreat equally.  The caliber
of musician ranges from intermediate players to quite experienced

The Retreat website is:  You can find more
information about the retreat, faculty, concert repertoire and so on.
The 2013 Retreat is scheduled for August 5 - 11, 2013.  I have my
calendar marked and am planning to attend.  Open registration will be
Jan 1 - Feb 15.  The 6 hour drive from Corvallis and along the gorge
is beautiful and a reasonable distance to make this retreat a regular
summer music activity.  I really enjoyed it and am very much looking
forward to it next summer.  Please call me or email me if you have

Julie Rodgers, Flutist

175th Anniversary of the Adrian City Band - Paul deLespinasse - 8/21/2012

Here is a newspaper article about the 175th anniversary of the Adrian City Band: Newspaper Article

And I´m attaching the photo of the Hubbard, Oregon community band in 1930. The director is my grandfather, A.F. deLespinasse, who was a dentist in Hubbard and also later served as Mayor. One of the baritones (guess which) is my father, then 18 years old, and one of the clarinetists is his younger sister, Marie. My grandmother, Cobie, was playing trombone. (She also wrote three published novels.) She is right above my grandfather.

Band Photo